Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Campers

With E's birthday on Saturday, we were hoping to get a short camping trip in to celebrate but with his work schedule it doesn't look like it's going to happen.  So I was looking back at some camping photos from previous trips.  By sheer luck, I got to spend my birthday this year not only in Baja but also waking up on a gorgeous beach.  We spent the day fishing, snorkelling and lounging around.  E is a genius at "cooking" on the beach, with or without a flame or single burner stove.  He's taught me lots - how to keep the top of the cooler (your work surface) intact as you realize you have to open the cooler for a forgotten ingredient, how to wash dishes with sand and the art of cooking in a single pot. 

2011 Birthday-Morning View!

M's first Road Trip & Camping Trip - we were alone on this beach for 2 days.
Saw Dolphins from the beach every few hours!

One of my all time fav's - washing dishes.
M was still afraid of the ocean then

An Oldie - this is E and mine's very first trip camping together. 
This is the same trip as the "octopus in its own ink" incident for those who know it!!!

Fishermen cleaning lunch  - my first camping trip with the whole banda (group) - 2008

So much fun to have everyone there!

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