Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lazy Days

Been back to Baja for a week now and the pace has slowed considerably since I left.  Temperatures came down to where it's time to get out the big fluffy comforter for nighttime.  For the first time I wonder if M is warm enough in his doggie-bed outside at night.  Havent heard any crying or scratching at the door, so I guess he's good during the night.  E is done having a day job for the next few months or so and is spending most of each day studying and doing homework for a work-related class he's taking.  seems intense.  My homework on the other hand is currently stalled in the paperwork phase of project prep so I'm without daily studying for the time being! This freedom and both of us home means the days are passing lazily but they somehow still feel as though they're flying by. 

We took a walk down to the windy waterfront to see the tree (see pic) and decorations.  We gave M a bath.  Went to the beach with some friends, E speared some fish we plan to fry tonight.  Catching up on laundry.  Continued E's American Cultural education by making him watch "Wedding Crashers" - which he really enjoyed! One of our neighbors (we can't figure out which one) got a goose to guard their house, so we hear squawking sporadically throughout the day and night.  Our immediately to our left neighbors just moved in and have a very pretty older black lab, that looks like she could be M's mom.  She visits with us at the gate when we come and go.  Neighbor to the immediate right finally decided to tell us that earlier in the year she saw neighbors up the street pushing puppy M out into the street, trying to get rid of him.  So now we know sort-of where he came from.  I wonder if they realize the strikingly handsome well-behaved and adjusted dog they see in our house is the same scrawny puppy they abadoned.  Wow, lots of neighbor-related news to report.

Will try to be better about updating.  My two followers are hungry for stories, I'm sure :)

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  1. ahem, 3 followers, miss. Love the pic, though E looks like he's chilly! Happy New Year, guys!! xoxo