Monday, January 2, 2012

Felizes Fiestas!

I love how the Mexicans group together all possibly winter holidays - including New Year's - when they wish each other "Feliz Fiestas" or "Happy Parties!" This is a very appropriate salutation, as they like to party for ANY reason.  December seems to be one long celebration with all the holidays.  Here are some pics from our Christmas and New Year's partying:

Mac and his Christmas Stocking

Heinz Ketchup! Can't find it down here!

Damiana Liquor and new Scarf!

First time trying Fluff

Christmas Bazzar downtown

La Muerta (the death) or La Katrina is always among us,
even at Christmas! Cherish each moment!

Christmas Eve biking the Malecon
Goofing around Christmas Eve

Mac receiving his Christmas Cow Knuckle, yum!

New Year's Eve Hike

Malecon Party NYE
Reeeally big scary sparklers that kids and drunks were waving around
Happy New Year!

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