Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dog Tails

Spent the morning at Baja Dogs, a dog refuge outside La Paz on the highway north.  I have been following them online and sending money when I can for about 2 years now, but just started volunteering as a dog-walker last fall.  It's so great to go and visit and play with the dogs and puppies! They have a bodega with smaller stalls for the smaller dogs and outside there are bigger corral-type enclosures for the bigger dogs.  Some dogs have "roommates" and are 2 or 3 to a pen.  There is a "hospital" for dogs that arrive sick or injured and a quarantine area away from both buildings that each dogs spends some time at when they arrive, just in case he or she is contagious with a doggy disease. 

The Mexican, American and Canadian staff and volunteers work so hard each day to make a good life for each dog and find a "forever" home with a good family.  Some days, on my drives home from the refuge I feel like I see more dogs on the streets than I just spent the morning helping. These mornings it can feel all the work we do is a mere drop in the bucket.  But I try to remain positive that what we do matters and we are improving the quality of life for the refugio dogs!

Please visit Baja Dogs La Paz' great website and consider donating via their online portal. Every little bit helps and the organization does SO much with so little!  http://www.bajadogslapaz.org/index.html

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