Thursday, August 2, 2012

Be Sure to Go on a Weekday

This time of year, if you want to enjoy one of La Paz's most popular (accessible, beautiful, biggest) beaches, you absolutely must go on a weekday. Tecolote Beach is at the tip of the Bay of La Paz as the land starts to curve back around to the East Cape. It is at the end of the "Carretera a Pichilingue" or Highway to Pichilingue that runs east and then north out of the city. 

From the road in.  land in the distance is actually the
off-shore island of Espiritu Santo
 The nice thing about Tecolote is that there are a ton of Palapas for shade, so if someone does crash your solo morning, they have pleeenty of shady areas to choose from and hopefully arrange themselves faaar away from you.

There is beautiful blue water in which to lounge, play or snorkel (although the sandy bottom means not too much fish/coral action).  Peddlers come by with carts occasionally, but they are very few and if you're lucky the donut lady will walk by with her tray of yummy donuts balanced on her head!
Here are some more pics of my morning with M yesterday:
Sombrero is a must.

sandy dog, just the way he likes it


  1. Wow, your beaches are so different from ours! Beautiful photos

  2. Very beautiful beaches!!!

    Man I love the beach...Who doesn't?!?!