Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I haven't been too great at posting these last few weeks and I apologize for it.  I have been finishing my thesis as the very last assignment for my Master's degree and I'm very proud to say the thesis was accepted and I am d-o-n-e with school for EVER! Now what will I do with my days? Hmmm, I can think of about a million things.  I have a visit to the States coming up in just about a week and want to make the most of the rest of the summer here in Baja.  Although, one thing for certain, I will NOT miss this scorching heat!
We are big Batman fans and spent last night reviewing Christopher Nolan's first Batman movie from 2005.  We've seen his second from 2008 lots of times, so we're skipping that.  But tonight we're headed to the Cinemex Platino that opened last year in La Paz to see the new Batman!! We were thrilled when Cinemex opened because well, we love the movies but also it's giving Cinepolis some competition.  For a decade Cinepolis was the only movie theater in town and didn't offer much in the way of discounts, festivals, etc.  But Cinemex's competition has changed that, with 2X1 nights, midnight showings and more.  Platino is like Cinepolis' VIP and I love going to be pampered.  I'll report back tomorrow!

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  1. We have several Cinepolis and 1 Cinemex here in Cancun. I really like both, but Cinepolis VIP is the best :)

    Our Cinepolis theaters offer 2x1 every Wednesday... surprised you don't have that :(