Monday, July 2, 2012

Big News!

Yesterday was Election Day and things went smoothly over here in Baja California.  Everyone we ran into was talking about the election and the numbers.  We listened on the radio last night to the broadcasts with the tallies and for now, it appears we have a winner.  Even E who normally does not get involved/excited in government was "sshing" me to hear the radio.  Politics does funny things to people.

For me, being an outsider to the whole spectacle has been interesting.  I've done some research on my own and even attended a short presentation on Mexican government so I could better understand the process, who's who, etc. But as my visa does not permit "participation in political activities of any kind" I am staying well on the edge.  Still is very exciting to watch though!

On another note, it RAINED in Baja this morning! First time in a year and a half!! Our dog, M, has never seen rain, so we celebrated his first time although he just looked confused.  Now from our kitchen I can hear the cars driving through puddles and the streets that have been transformed into small streams, I'm sure. Nowhere for it to go except down to the ocean.  I wonder what interesting things floated down from the city the beachcombers will find later today...Happy Monday!


  1. I always try to steer clear of forming political opinions as well, but this election was so intense that I couldn't help but form my own thoughts (which I don't share with anyone haha)

    I will say that while I'm not unhappy with the results, I still don't quite understand haha

  2. When I was asking hubby who we should vote for, he told me...The best of the worst I guess... Sad, but true. Obviously I was speaking hypothetically as I can't vote, but you know...I always have an opinion!! LOL!!!

    Has it really been a year and a half w/out Rain?? CRAZY!!!

  3. Just found your blog and I really love it! My BF (mexican, we met in Cancun - but now live in Canada) said pretty much what Elle Cancun's hubby said. I also have tried to steer clear of that topic, although I do have my own personal opinion, hehe.

    And yes, a year and a half of no rain is crazy!