Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Garden Update

Well well well, things are moving along much faster on the garden project than I anticipated (you know how everything moves at snail-speed down here?).  We got some cacti and put them in the ground 2 nights ago.  Lots of spines so the dog won't dig near them.  Pain makes an excellent deterrant, haha!  As predicted we got a short, stubby cactus (guess it might be time to learn cactus names, huh?):

And another spiny one about a foot and a half tall:

These are our two existing cacti - they continue to grow!

Mezcal (E just told me the name) was a tiny baby when E brought her home from the desert

Aloe Cactus (I knew that one) with M next to him for comparison. 

As you can see we have LOTS of work left to do.  But with the high sun and heat, outdoor work (and pretty much ALL work) is impossible between 11am and 8pm. We'll see what else we think of! How are your gardens?

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  1. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

    In our back garden, we recently took out a big tree and our tiny palm trees are getting used to no shade. We're growing an orchid tree to replace the old one, but we still have to remove the old stump. Soon!