Wednesday, July 4, 2012


This pic above is basically what I'm working with in our yard. Baked, dry, scorched all come to mind.  Since E and the guys replaced the perimeter wall around the house (and ripped up the plants in the process) he has given me the green-light to be the "jardinera" and design a new garden/yard scheme. As if I have experience and knowledge in doing this, ha!

We have 1 aloe cactus that we bought at the supermarket, put in the ground and hoped it would grow.  4 years later it is full and has 9 (!) babies growing along side of it. This is not our aloe, but an idea of what it looks like:

So I definitely want to keep that and let it prosper.  We also have a leafy tree (seen below) and a nice full palm tree right next to the porch.  These i love because they cast green and blow in the breeze, etc.  The pic below is roughly what the yard looks like now: clearly I have a long way to go! Because of the sun and the fact that we're not home part of year for weeks at a time (kayak season), we need plants that LOVE the sunlight and don't need water. Shouldn't be too hard, right? This is Baja, afterall...I have a feeling I will end up with a yard full of these pretty babies:
I just have to get organized and put some money aside for the trip to the nursery. Or I could call a gardener with experience.  E would kill me! We'll see...


  1. You do have a green thumb!! LOL!! Heck, I'd be proud of myself if I didn't kill something 4 years late, and it was thriving!!!

    We had a gardener in our last place, and he was inexpensive...Even washed hubbies car inside/out for like $100 pesos or something... He was happy to do it all :) You can do it!!!

  2. I wish I were as good as you in the garden! With the tropical weather, the plants usually take care of themselves. But when there's a problem... I usually make it worse haha

    I love that last cactus picture, you should go with that!