Saturday, July 28, 2012

Transito Office

E and I got pulled over for the first time since owning our truck - about 1 year! We had a headlight out, and we knew it.  No "mordida" or bribe asked for by the officer - who was very courteous and polite.  He even answered 2 traffic questions E and I had been arguing over the last few weeks (and I was right, ahem!).
I went to pay the "multa" or fine at the Transito office and had to go alone, since E was working. It wasn't bad at all! I found it on the map, guided myself there. Had to park a few blocks away, that place is busy! Got there 10 minutes before the office opened (thinking it was like the DMV in the States). Walked in, asked where to go at the information desk, walked to the counter, 2nd in line! $125 pesos ($10) later, bam! out the door. and everyone was so nice. I asked the man behind the counter the office hours, since he served me at 8:55am and I thought for sure it opened at 9:00am. When he told me, "Yes senorita, 9:00-3:00pm", I said, "oh but it's just 5 til 9am now" and he smiled and said, "yes but that's ok, senorita. Have a good day." I walked out smiling - love when government actually extends a favor to the public. :)

Cheerful flowers for bureaucracy that works!

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  1. I always hear such bad things about transito cops, but every experience I've ever had with them has been great! Maybe I'm just lucky so far