Monday, July 9, 2012

Punto Pelicano

 Went camping over the weekend with the boy and the dog and had a blast! We decided to drive to a beach we've been to several times (El Coyote) and then follow the dirt road we had always seen veering off to the right.  We drove through the cacti and brush, leaving the paved highway behind. I swear some of these "roads" were cattle-made first and then maintained by so many beach-goers plowing their cars through the desert.

Arrived to a gravel beach, in a nice arch-formation.  Settled on an area that had huge boulders in front of the waves, so many little pools were formed.  Nice to walk away out on, or jump off of, as our neighbors did for most of the afternoon.

taken in the morning light, but you can see the boulders a bit
In the morning, I woke up when the sky was just beginning to lighten and got up out of the tent to take some pics. 

Sunrise-lit sky, our tent in left center lookin' tiny!

Spent the afternoon lounging - something M does very well as you can see:

he didn't want to leave the shade - sand was too hot without flip flops!
Love finding sea stars like this one -
they're so camouflaged that spotting one is like winning a prize!

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