Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dust to dust

A cool(er) cloudy day in Baja means it's a fine time to get some housework done...and my mother taught me to start cleaning at the top of a room and finish with the floors (see mom? you taught me something about house cleaning!!) So I tackled the top of the fridge - always a daunting task but here in Baja even more so.  Because we're out here in the desert (and I'm convinced also because there are no laws about car emissions and blue smoke can frequently been seen coming out of tailpipes), things can get a little dusty.  The fall wind is welcomed of course, after a hot summer, but dreaded because of the battle that begins over sand and dust on EVERYTHING! The tops of any object (counters, desk, chairs, tables, books, etc) get it the worst because it just settles down with gravity.  So on this cleaning day, the top of the fridge was a dust-bunny terrarium.  Then came the desk top and all the little odds and ends that don't belong anywhere else in the house and always seem to end up on the desk in the living room.  Those that know me well will recognize how much this "catch-all" concept bothers me!!! I think if left alone, E would turn this whole house into a "catch-all".  But that's good for me; I like to organize!

The other goal for the day was to bathe M - but he got lucky.  Though we have indoor plumbing water every day that comes from our huge cistern on the roof, the city sends water to the cistern and to our outdoor plumbing (garden spiget/hose) only about every other day.  As with many other things here in Baja, this is unpredictable and not to be relied upon.  Today is the "every other day" and alas, no water.  M's bath will have to wait....or maybe we'll just go to the beach :)

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  1. I am sure we could hook you up with some CD's that you like and you could leave them on her doorstep as a gift