Friday, October 21, 2011

Totally worth the bloodshed

Just got back from a morning at Baja Dogs! This was my second trip out to the dog refuge and i feel very accomplished this morning - we got a lot done! Went on 4 walks around the property, had puppy play time and spent a good 10 minutes petting and scratching each dog.  Unfortunately, the little puppy nails on one pup carved up my wrist pretty good! But it's all superficial, no need for alarm - just a red squiggly scratchy mess.  Where did I put the antibiotic ointment?

When I arrived to the refuge this morning, there was one dog outside her kennel, running free around the fenced in property.  As I came up the gate (still locked), she showed me how adept she was at scooting underneath the flexible fencing and coming out onto the desert road.  Houdini! Come to find out this dog, Smokey, actually climbs out her 10 foot high chain-link kennel enclosure on a regular basis! She even taught another dog, Pointer, how to do it.  Mid-morning, with her walk all done, we saw Smokey standing on top of the covered area of her kennel - about 6 feet off the ground.  As we got closer she lept off the rooftop and flew through the air like she was part monkey!

Now, back home, M is having a heyday sniffing my clothing and finding all the dogs' individual scents - must drive him crazy, huh??

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