Monday, October 17, 2011

First Post

I'm always kind of awkward after a person asks me a question about Baja.  I usually end up answering their question and then rambling on about a side story or a funny experience.  The person listening does not know the places or friends I'm describing, but just talking about them gives me a happy feeling so I usually go on and on without realizing the person has stopped listening. Or they've raised their eyebrows in surprise, or furrowed them in concern, or cocked one of them in confusion.  This is when I uncomfortably realize I've talked too much. 

The truth is, I could probably go on for days about this place and its people.  About how I'm as shocked as the person listening that my life took this turn.  That I alternate between having to pinch myself as I get off the plane and feeling like I'm exactly where I should be. 

So I won't go on and on now. Just wanted to establish a first post. Get it out of the way.  I'm thinking of codenames for those to be mentioned in these writings so that I can retain some anonymity, goal #1 with these writings.  (I would try to do Aztec warrior names, but those have way too many letters.) Goal #2 is to not sound too rambly - because of the aforementioned story and the fact that, upon review of emails I've sent to my best friends over the years, I realize I can write a run-on sentence like nobody's business. 

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