Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Busy Beachin'

Wow! You step away for a few days and BOOM a week has gone by! Been very busy laying on the beach! This past weekend we camped for 2 nights at a beach with no name.  But because it's on the old dirt road from Los Planes to Los Barriles (one that was, you know, originally a horse-riding road) and you must spend about 2 hours go over rocks the size of your tires, curves that spiral upward and cliff-hugging "where-would-the-oncoming-car-go?" type terrain, most people call it "Desviado" Beach - or Detour Beach.

Here are some shots of the drive in:

Climbing the mountain-side. This is Los Planes valley in the background. 
La Paz is back over the mountains in the distance.

1992 Landcruiser. mountain = not an issue.

road continues...

Then it appeared from the cliff road, like a sparkling jewel!!!


Getting there was such a battle, that all we wanted to do was get.in.water.NOW!! Spent 2 days snorkelling, wading, exploring the rocks, sharing company with the pelicans, playing fetch and battling the night winds with the tarp. Made fried chicken quesadillas with the cast iron skillet over a small campfire and slept out under the stars.

My snorkelling partner - I swear he followed me!

Sorry it's blurry. Taken with the GoPro and it gives a "fish-eye" viewpoint,
plus I didn't get the water drops off the lens, oops!

Saw NO other humans the whole time. Some cars passed up high above us on the cliff-road but no one came down, we were alone! Awesome trip! I've seen a part of Baja that not many people have seen. It is amazing to me that in this insane world of technology, communication, societal pressures and agendas that it is possible to completely disconnect and just....be.


  1. Wow, I love all the isolated beaches near you! The desert landscape is so different from the jungle beaches we have here.

  2. What an adventure! I've never done something like that, but I would love to one day.